Château de Brézé - A château of the Loire Valley


Classified as a historical monument and located 10 km from Saumur in France, the "Château de Brézé" welcomes you to its architectural wonders, and to its unique underground tunnels cut into the tufa.

Considered one of the most intriguing castles of the Loire, partly due to its underground fortress, discovering the castle's history will allow you to understand the bond some of the Kings of France had with it.

Built between the 11th and 19th centuries in the heart of a vineyard with an area of several dozen hectares, the castle of Brézé has belonged to the powerful and influent family of the Dreux-Brézé for centuries, before being taken over - by marriage - by the family of Colbert, descendant of the Minister of Louis XIV.

Underground tunnels, moats and other surprises

Offering an impressing underground heritage, consisting of steep slope galleries with very large sections and cavities, the castle invites you to discover a great example of troglodytic dependencies preserved in their original state.

The castle of Brézé reflects a rich history dating back to at least the mid-fifteenth century, during which the castle was fortified. It was in fact the subject of numerous construction plans and alterations of its architecture.

In addition to the underground tunnels, the dry moats are an impressing sight, and are considered among the deepest in Europe.

A visit to the castle will also be the opportunity to discover the largest known underground medieval bakeries in France, with its imposing fireplace and chimney.

Walking along the moats, you will pass by three wine presses of the sixteenth century. The presses, still working, are part of the largest currently known in the west of France. Beautiful tools used to produce the wine are still found there.

The "Château of Brézé" also organizes many events during summertime and winter. They will allow you to discover or rediscover this historic setting with a lively scenery : Exhibitions, concerts, lectures, plays, weddings...

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