Small farm Château de Brézé


New inhabitants at the Château

After the visit of the Château and the tasting in the cellar, come and discover our new farm. We are delighted to welcome 8 new residents.

Let's do the introductions:

Let's start with the 2 Vietnamese pigs.

cochon vietnamienScarlet, the female with the white muzzle
cochon vietnamienValentine, (pink snout)

1 dwarf goat and a billy goat

chevresLily, the first female
chevresBouba, the little glutton nicknamed "the ogre

Then, let's meet the 3 sheep of the Thônes and Marthod breed

You can tell them apart by their ear tags: Lune is the one whose number ends in 2, Étoile in 4 and Neige in 5.

chevresLune, a female
chevresStar, a female
chevresSnow, a female

You can also discover our giant butterfly rabbit when winter is over.
Come quickly, our occupants are eager to meet you!
We remind you that it is forbidden to feed the animals.