Medieval jousting


A great yearly event where the middle-age and castles afficionados assemble, the medieval joustings take place during May in the Château de Brézé.

Like every year, a rich program awaits you, with many middle-age fans who will enjoy transmitting their lore to you.

* An unjorgettable weekend in Brézé *

  • Equestrian jousting tournaments (45min)
  • Camps restoring life in the Middle Ages (Cooking, spices, tales, marksmanship, games...)
  • Shows on the Arthurian legend mixing stories, music and artistic fencing
  • Medieval music, with medieval shows featuring children
  • Leather, wool and weapons racks workshops, and also medieval fighting techniques demonstrations
  • Fighting, herbal and smithing worshops
  • Live medieval forge !
  • Demonstrations of techniques for creating calligraphies, illuminations and medieval beeswax candles
  • Poney rides... and much more !

Come and discover the medieval market, where many artisans will offer: leather, pottery, medieval tapestries, apples and dried pears, saffron and products, spices... Don't miss it !